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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions I get asked. If you have a question about your up and coming appointment or are unsure if massage is right for you then please email me at

  • What should I wear?
  • Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing or sports wear.

    Some of the treatments I offer such as seated massage treatments and Indian head massage can be performed fully clothed. Please wear light comfortable clothes for these treatments. You will benefit most from these treatments if you have just one layer of clothing (e.g remove thick jumpers or multiple layers.)

    Please remove all jewellery prior to your treatment.

  • How much does a massage cost?
  • The overall cost will depend on what treatments you have, for example, a relaxation massage with hot stones will cost £50.00 (£40 for the massage + £10 for the use of the hot stones). If you are un-sure then please ask your therapist beforehand.
  • What is Respect Massage - Zero Tolerance?
  • The Respect Massage Movement is an opportunity to unite massage therapists against the sexualization of our profession. We need to inform the public that a member of the respect massage movement is a trained and legitimate massage therapist who does not entertain sexual advances or include sexual services in their massage practice.
  • What payment types do you accept?
  • ​I accept payment by cash, gift voucher, card payments or BACS transfer. My bank details are available on request.

  • Is my massage going to be painful?
  • Everybody is different when it comes to pressure, some prefer deep tissue massage, whilst others find a soothing gentle massage much more relaxing. What feels right to one client might feel painful for another or too light and ineffective for someone else.

    I will use a variety of techniques, some working deeper into the muscle tissue than others. Massage should never be painful but you may feel some discomfort if deep tissue techniques are used on tight or overworked and stressed muscles.

    It is therefore really important that you communicate with me regarding your objectives and pressure preferences and inform me of any pain or discomfort during your treatment. I will never be offended if you ask me to adjust pressure during a session.

  • What benefits could you get with a Hopi Ear Candling treatment?
  • The benefits of Hopi ear candles include...

    • Ear or sinus problems including Sinusitis.
    • Irritations in the nose – Rhinitis.
    • Soothing effects for over irritability and stress related symptoms.
    • Noises and ringing in the ears – Tinitis.
    • Build up of earwax.
    • Revitalisation for certain hearing impairments.
    • Pressure regulation for conditions such as: – headaches, migraines, sinusitis and Rhinitis.
    • Circulatory problems in the ear.
    • Local stimulation to lymph flow and local metabolism.
    • Stimulation of energy circulation.